Уроки English

План-конспект уроку англійської мови
Вчителя Малюти К.Ю.

Клас 7
Тип уроку  - інтерактивний, комбінований
Тема уроку – A weekend in London (Вихідні у Лондоні)

Мета: активізувати вживання в мові учнів лексики до теми Лондон,  розвиток навичок роботи з текстом, розвиток аудіювання та вміння виокремити необхідну інформацію з почутого, розвиток говоріння, вміння висловлювати власну думку по темі, розвиток абстракційного мислення.

Обладнання уроку: підручник з англійської мови Solutions 2nd edition, Elementary, OxfordTim Falla, Paul A Davies, CD диск до підручника, відео «A day in London», роздатковий матеріал, технічні засоби навчання, інтерактивна дошка.
I.      Warming up.
Good morning pupils! The topic of our today’s lesson is “A weekend in London”. During the lesson you’ll feel a special atmosphere of this city.
Let’s complete the spidergram! What are your associations with London?

Well done! Look at the pictures, I’ve found to show you. Those are places, buildings and transport that London is famous for.

IІ.  Main part.
1.     Reading
Before reading
a)    You’re going to read a text, but the first task is to identify the kind of the text. Let us remind some of them and write down.

What is a letter? It’s a written message from one person to another containing information.

What’s a leaflet? It’s a printed and usually folded sheet of paper for distribution, usually free and containing advertising information

What’s a narrative? It’s a story.

What’s a newspaper report? It’s an article.

Well done pupils!
b)    Let’s learn the words in an interesting way. You’ve got an interactive task. Click on a picture and choose the correct answer.

a)   Open the books on page 67.Let’s work with Exercise 2. You task is to look quickly at the text and decide what kind of text it is. (answer C -  a publicity leaflet)

     b) Remember! There are such word combinations in the text that you are to write down and learn.
 – popular with somebody. E.g London is popular with tourists.
-         famous for something. E.g. London is famous for Big Ben.

c)  Exercise 3 page 67 . Read the text. Match headings 1-5 with paragraphsA-D. There is one heading that you do not need.

A - Answer – 1
Let’s watch at the pictures that are connected to the paragraph. You can see Hyde Park and Regent’s Park here. Aren’t they beautiful?

Let’s work with another paragraph.
B  - Answer – 4

Here are the pictures of Oxford Street and Harrods.

Now paragraph C. Who is eager to read?
Answer – 5

On the pictures you can see Piccadilly Theatre and Victoria Palace

Let’s read paragraph D
Answer – 3

On the pictures you can see the underground, black cabs and traffic in London.

After reading
a)     Now here is a very interesting task. You should come to the Smartboard and match the words to make collocations that were in the text.

b)     Group work. I’ll give you the pictures, you’ve seen while reading the text. Your task is to match them with the words.

c)     Let’s discuss! If you went to London as a tourist, where would you go?

2.     Speaking
Exercise 4 page 67
Look at the photo and describe it. What are the people doing? What are they wearing? Where are they? Do you like eating in this kind of café?

3.     Listening
Before listening
You are going to listen to some dialogues. To make it easier, we will work with the words that may be unknown to you.
So, do you know these words? Free, train, building, expensive, tasty, singer.

Listening. Exercise 5 page 67. You are going to listen to three dialogues. Libby, Anna and George are going to London for the day.Where are they in each scene? Listen and tick

Answer 1b, 2c, 3a.

After listening
Are the sentences TRUE or FALSE?
Come to the Smartboard, read the sentence and click on TRUE or FALSE.

IIII.                      Summurising
a)     So, weekend in London may be very exciting. Who knows , maybe some of you will go to visit this city someday. I really want you to do that, so let’s watch a small video “A day in London”, so you are eager to go there by youself.After watching be ready to answer this question - What places of interests in London do they visit?

Watch the video “A day in London”. 

b)    What have you learned today? What was the most interesting?

c)     Giving marks for the lesson to active pupils.

IIV.                      Hometask. Write a leaflet of any city of Ukraine.

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